BER016 - Orlov


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    Evil Prevails Debute 3 Song EP.

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Canadian Hardcore/Metal.
Featuring Former Members Of
Decrepity, Archons, Obsek,
Sightline & Copperfield.

From Rouyn-Noranda, Qc.

Simon (vocals)
Francis (guitar)
Pier-Charles (guitar)
Marc-Andre (bass)
Mathieu (drums)




released January 28, 2016

Recorded By: Francis Beaulieu @ Franxound studio
Mastered by Antoine Lussier @ 357 Productions



all rights reserved


Blind Eye Records Rouyn Noranda, Québec

DIY Record Label Bassed in Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi, Qc. Since 2013.

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Track Name: NBK
I woke up this morning and knew that today will be the last day I'll ever be free / or maybe this will be the first and the last time in my life I'll ever know peace / you fucking selfish bastards will pay / this time I'm the hunter, not the prey / I had strings but now I'm a free man / and soon all your friends will share my pain and my rage / for months I've been writing the script / by which way I get in / with which gun I get out / tonight I'll be famous and dead / but before that happens, I'll take you with me / so get on your knees and start to pray / I'll repaint the walls with your fucking brain / I was blind but now I'm awake / and soon you will know, soon you will see / I'll take my time / I crave to see the blood shed / I never felt so alive / people die as bullets fly through the air / so embrace your fate, trust in me / with this blade, I'll set you free / face your fate, kneel before me / with your death, I will find peace / I'm ahead of the curve, I'm a natural born killer / there's nothing in this world I'd rather do, right now / I'll never go out of style, I'm a natural born killer / I'll deliver you from the curse of life / step back, enjoy the masterpiece / salute the crowd, my life's work is complete / and now, I'm ready to go / just close your eyes, head out to your favorite place / pull the trigger and fade into the void / they'll never take me alive / this is the final scene you fucking pigs / go on and piss on my grave / but now, the pain is gone / another dead cancer cell with no soul to sell / there is no right or wrong / all roads lead to hell
No longer can I keep myself from falling down the pit.
Resist the urges, silence the voice inside of me.

You see...
There's no coming back from this.
I know I'll never make it through.
So close to hell, I can smell the stench of burning flesh.

A small light glowed, symbol of faith and hope.
A single candle shining in the ugly dark.
I laughed and blew it out.

Still can't believe I've come this far.
Condemned to fail from the very start.

And now we here...
Let's see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

You clueless pricks will know true fucking pain.
Conceived in rape, stillborn and raised from the dead.

And as I fall, I take you scumbags with me.
Losing all faith, trembling on the edge.
Driven to the verge of lunacy where all hope is dead.

All hope is dead.

There's nothing human left in me, an empty fucking shell.
And if there's any light down the well, I know it'd burn me alive.
No escape, no savior in sight.

A small light glowed, symbol of faith and hope.
A single candle shining in the ugly dark.
I laughed and blew it out.

No fucking hope.
Track Name: GENESIS 22
And every first born will be killed. It didn't even have a name. 'He' or 'She', I couldn't tell. Unwanted miracle sucked out of its teenage mother's womb through a plastic tube. And if I learned anything that day, is that there's no such thing as afterlife and/or fate. Now, tell me son, do you really believe this bag filled with blood and foetal parts went to paradise? Wake the fuck up and open your eyes. Life is a joke, death is the punchline. And if I learned anything that day, is that you people are fucking insane. You're wrong, so wrong, so god damn wrong. I'm as worthless and dispensable as a blood-filled plastic tube, and so are you. No god has plans for you worms. No grand scheme, you'll just drop dead and rot. I stood by her side, motionless, as she cried and screamed. And the sight of it fucking turned me on. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'd say, see you in hell... But I never want to see you again. Your god is dead. I pray to myself, for myself. And if I ever see his face, I'll bring hammer and nails and put him back on the cross, where he belongs.